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Designing Competence

"Every Buddy A Trainer" is our powerful 'train the trainer' workshop. It's based on the reality that 80% of training in organizations is informal. Training that's unplanned, unmeasured, and poorly evaluated.

"Every Buddy A Trainer," our approach to effective and efficient on the job training, brings structure, standards, and evaluation to worker skills and knowledge, and behaviors.

Because it's training done on the job, at the point of need, you save money, time, and resources.

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Available as a workshop, webinar, or licensed to your organization.

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Still wasting time, effort, and recources on job skills training results like this:

  • Getting little or none-existant Return on Investment?
  • Not handling revisions in processes?
  • No long-lasting  changes in employee behavior?
  • Wasting time, effort, and resources?
  • Never-changing performance gaps, compliance problems, safety issues?

Detailed Standard Work Instructions are the tools organizations use to curate their processes and provide employees with a clear understnding of task performance.

"Designing Competence" is available as a workshop, licensed to your organization, or as a guided consulting project.

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Our consultants' years' of experience in operations training design and delivery, means your organization will benefit from some of the most current research into on the job training.

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On The Job Training

Our approach to job skills training:

  • Builds capabilities and competence,
  • Ensures knowledge, skills, and behaviours are transfered,
  • Improves performance and process compliance,
  • Obtains visible ROI in days or weeks, not months, years, or whenever.

Training System analysis

We do a 'deep dive' of your on the job training system, report the results, and develop recommendations, that your team can then implement.

Available on-line and on-site.

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