Why We Are in Business

As Simon Sinek said recently, "Any organization can tell you what they do. Some even can say how they do it. Very few know why they do what they do."

Here's why we do what we do:

1.  Most job skills training is ineffective.

  • Most leaders think job skills training is a waste.
  • They continue to rely on 'job shadowing' or the 'buddy system, which can be described as "The unwilling (Trainers,) leading the unable (Learners,) on a journey to incompetence."

  • Our research, gathered over years of interaction with clients, shows the results of a typical do-nothing training intervention here, at right. 

  • Training that costs time, effort, resources, but nets:
    • Zero change in behavior,
    • Zero ROI,
    • Zero results.

2.  Production workers are the key to your results.

  • That's because employees either make, or lose, organizations money. Your organization, your owners,  and stockholders depend on the individual competencies and capabilities of your workers.

3.  All organizations have the internal resources to build their own job skills training systems.

Your employees know their  jobs best. After all, they are your Subject Matter Experts.

4.  Every task has, at its root, a process.

  • Tasks that can be taught, learned, evaluated and coached.

5.  Organizations who provide meaningful job skills training, will reap tremendous benefits.

  • Building employee competence, ensures process compliance, and improves the organization's performance.

Those results will look like the graph on the right.

When organizations choose to make a few simple changes to their approach to on the job training, they'll create profound improvements in their organization's individual competence, process compliance, and employee productivity.


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