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What Our learning Systems Can Do For Your Organization

I know what I’m doing every time I got to train. The structure allows me to organize my own thoughts on the process. I don’t have to worry about jumping around and not conveying a full picture because the structure keeps me on track.

I enjoy being a trainer because I get to share my knowledge with others and learn from them as well.

The lightbulb moment after you’ve explained and demonstrated when they get to try the process and realize it’s easy to pick up; those are the moments I love.

I can tailor my training to really focus on how my learner likes to learn. I’ve had some learners that really relied on watching me, while others really needed to hear all the details to “get it”. There’s flexibility within model to spend more time where the leaner benefits the most.

Helping people move from intimidated to “super pro” is awesome.

I trained someone in my area a few years ago following the model. Recently they came to me and told me they caught and fixed an issue on their equipment before it impacted production. “Do you know how I knew what to do? You taught me that!” Proud trainer moment.

I feel comfortable learning from any trainer in my area. I know I’ll have a similar learning experience. Consistency as a learner has really helped me grasp concepts more quickly.

Before the workshop I had trained without a program. I had an “ah ha” moment myself when I learned about training vs. managing. After taking the course, I was more comfortable talking to my supervisor about training issues because I could actually assess them and relate them back to situations that needed to be managed rather than trained.

As a supervisor, I’m confident that my trainers will bring all learners to the same level of competence before qualifying them on a task. Our training documents and the Every Buddy A Trainer program together form a solid foundation for getting knowledge and skill to those who need it.

The program contains a lot of tools that are helpful.

My trainer consistently referred to the training documents while training me. When I was on my own, I knew where to look when I needed a quick reminder on a task. Now that I’m a trainer, I make sure I’m doing the same thing!

At first, I didn’t like that we were required to put “sleeps” in between our competency demonstrations; it just seemed to take longer than we needed to spend. But now that I’ve trained a lot of people, I know that it is needed. I had a learner who could do a task one day after I showed them, but then would struggle the next day on the same thing. They needed a bit more support to “get it”, but now they’re an SME in the area.

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