Documenting and maintaining work instructions are critical to any type of job skills training. Your organization's processes are unique to you. And they change regularly.

Most work instructions list WHAT the employee has to do, but rarly HOW, and, most importantly, they are missing WHY the task is important.

Designing Competence builds meaningful Standard Work Instructions, detailed enough to include safety, equipment operation, and quality information, at the step level.

Designing Competence will help your organization develop a complete, standardized approach to building Standard Work InstructionsYour workers will develop a complete understanding of how to perform a task competently and consistently.


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On The Job Training

Most on the job training programs are a waste of time, money, and effort, because organizations train Our better, faster. easier, smarter, and safer 'Train the Trainer' -

By using "Every Buddy A Trainer," every employee can have their own personal on the job trainer, delivering custom training programs, when, where, and how it's needed.

Our clients often develop up to 40% of their employees to be occasional  on the job trainers.

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Build Competence. Ensure compliance. Improve performance

A STARRRS survey is our 'deep dive,' looking at all aspects of production learning, from work standards through to how well your leadership supports learning in the workplace.