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whenever and Wherever it's Needed

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Tactical Training Solutions


Tasks are At The Root of all processes

Training, that is meaningful, measurable, and available  wherever and whenever it's needed.

Job skills training that's inclusive:

  • Learning for all 3 generally accepted styles,
  • Models performance standards,
  • Evaluates knowledge and skills, during and after training,
  • Language independent.

At its root, just about every task in  an organization begins with a process.

Most people think  operating a machine requires some form of work instruction.  We even have a name for it; a Standard Work Instructions, or SWI. There is a list of steps, in Job Performance Order. 

The same is true for filling in a form, making a sale, or serving a customer. They all begin with a process, in Job Performance Order.

Processes that can be taught. Learned. Evaluated. Coached.

Our tactical training solutions, help your organization to develop the skills, knowledge, and behaviors employees need to become competent and capable on the job. Training employees on the tasks that really make you money.

Our learning system are designed for:

  • On the job training,
  • Tactical training solutions,
  • Individualized consulting.

That's why we named our website That's what we do.

Help our clients to:

  • Design
  • Deliver
  • Evaluate
  • Coach

Training delivered On The  Job.

We don't do leadership development, supervisor training, or soft skills training. If you need leadership support, we'll be glad to put you in touch with people who are expert at soft skills training.